Cylinder Trolleys

Two Wheel

Single Oxy - Made to carry 9" cylinder

Single Propane- Made to carry 46kg propane cylinder

Single Propane - Made to carry 19kg propane cylinder

Double Oxy/Propylene - Made to carry 2 cylinders usually oxy/propylene

Three Wheel

Three wheel oxy/da cylinder trolley on 16" pneumatics and 8" rear castor

Single 3 wheel cylinder trolley- Made to carry a 9" cylinder

3 Wheel single propane 19KG's

3 wheel oxy da on 16' Solids - with optional fork lift boxes

Four Wheel

MIG/TIG/PLASMA 4 wheel trolley with locking front wheels to take 8” or 9” cylinder on the back, also has holder for TIG rods

Single 4 wheel cylinder trolley- made to carry 9" cylinder

Double 4 wheel cylinder trolley- made to carry 2 cylinders oxy/da

Single 4 wheel cylinder trolley- made to carry 46kg propane


Counter Balance

Fork Lift Boxes

Wheel Options

The examples below are pictures of the most frequently used wheels and castors - more options are available depending upon your requirements.


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